FALCONZO سترة بسحاب

2٬137 ج.م.‏ 1٬710 ج.م.‏

Grey men’s FALCONZO ZIPPED SWEATSHIRT is a timeless Hummel classic. This zipped sweatshirt of Essentials Collection is one of the most favourite pieces of the season. Classical chevron icons of Hummel placed on the sleeves juice up this sweatshirt. While its neckband provides a sportive stylish look, its pockets also make it useful. COLOUR: GREY ESSENTIALS COLLECTION 80% POLYESTER, 20% COTTON REGULAR FIT POCKET NECKBAND RAGLAN LONG-SLEEVED FRONT ZIPPER

كود المنتج921133-2540
الخامة:80% البوليستر, 20% قطن
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  • التسليم في غضون 5-7 أيام عمل.
  • عوائد سهلة.